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Kristian Van der Heyden

Film producer, actor, writer, entrepreneur.

I consider myself an artist at heart, with a passion for storytelling in various media.

I studied for about 9 years, took private courses in studio management, dancing, acting, screenwriting and filmmaking, followed by a Master degree in visual arts with a focus on contemporary art and film.


For my thesis I combined film and live theatre on stage, titled "Belching". The piece was a dark satire on contemporary performance and cliche characters, in which I acted myself. It was archived by the city museum SMAK of Ghent, Belgium.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2009, because I wanted to learn Stella Adler technique. Auditioning for film in L.A. felt soul crushing to me so I started working on sets as a PA, and swiftly became a producer, which I enjoyed doing.


Since 2011, I’ve provided clients with extensive guidance throughout the entire video production process, producing shorts and commercials for web and TV through my company Harald House.  Looking for bigger projects, I became involved in film financing, learning about contracts and film finance structures.

After building some experience on projects from IMAX to The Weinstein Company, and other independent projects, I opened Harald House in Belgium, December 2016, to help finance films through extensive financial planning.

Since mid 2017

I have several international projects in development out of Belgium.

As an entrepreneur, I am working on creative and innovative strategies to make the process of filmmaking more efficient. I am interested in technology. I also have other projects in development that are relevant to the film or start-up industry.

As a creative, I am very much involved in the writing and vision of various projects.

I am founder or co-founder of the following companies:

PORT ACTIF, an ngo to support video artists

CAR FRIEND, a Van Nuys based car mechanic shop for female customers.

HARALD HOUSE LLC, the Los Angeles based sister company of Harald House Belgium.

RELEVANT MEDIA, an LA-based advertising production company.


PO BOX 42 BV, our post-production company.

ALTISSIMA BV, our cash flow company.

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