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Creative Consulting

+32 485127750

Antwerpen, Belgium

What are things that your business is aware of or doing,

that no one else is?

Tesla`s winning secret: "fashion drives interest in cleantech"


I love start-ups. 

Between 2010 and 2016, I experienced the start-up boom in Los Angeles which took Silicon Beach to the next level - overflowing the market with mobile apps, incubators, and early stage VR. I took classes and events organized by companies like Amplify.LA, Assembly, We-work, Idea-lab and many others.

I met up with hundreds of entrepreneurs, listening, caring, giving advice. I became Executive Producer at Relevant Media. Our focus was company profile videos. We mostly worked for Microsoft Azure, profiling their start-up investment companies, until our paths parted, and I went back to Belgium to start Harald House, a few years later.

Now I am eager to help businesses and creatives get to the next level.


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