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A Film by Jimmy Hendrickx

The Making of Memories for the Future

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The Making of Memories for the Future 

Documentary   |  1h 00 min  |  2022  |  HD

Ronny Poluan (1953) is an eccentric actor who tumbled into poverty after betrayal by his business partner. Now Ronny is stuck with a lawsuit against the bank that wants to sell his house. Ronny forgets about his own drama when he sees the reality of those poorer than him. He sticks to his self-branded image of a Robin Hood tour guide of the slums and dreams of shooting his film “Memories For The Future” to end poverty instead of finding better work. His son Brandon says he hates his father but he doesn't have a job either. Ronny has the idea to start a film school at a vacant property. After a failed pitch to the business, the family breaks apart. Filmmaker Jimmy is banned from seeing Ronny again over an argument on pitching. The verdict is in: the house is sold by the bank. Ronny spends three nights rambling about it on the street. He is taken to the hospital and diagnosed with schizophrenia. Brandon is now taking care of his father.

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